So, how do I get an Awkward Portrait?

Thanks for asking! Awkward Portraits isn’t Karin’s only project on-the-go, so unfortunately we don’t have a full time dedicated studio that you can just rock up to 7 days a week for a portrait.

There are a couple of ways to get a portrait done:

  1. POP UPS - Markets, promotions, charity & community events. First-in-best-dressed (literally). You’ll queue up with your mates, and we’ll take 2-3 portraits of you when it’s your turn. Pop ups are always advertised on Facebook & Instagram, but you should probably join our mailing list to avoid missing our social posts.

  2. STUDIO DAYS - We tend to plan and advertise studio days around special events (Christmas in July, Valentines Day, etc) that you can book into and pay for in advance, so you rock up for your specific time and bingo-bango you’re done in 15 minutes. First dibs on bookings always go to members of our mailing list!

  3. PRIVATE BOOKINGS - Maybe it’s your mate’s birthday and you want to surprise them with an Awkward Portraits session with a bunch of friends. Maybe you’re having a huge anniversary/engagement/office party and you’d like us to rock up and embarrass your guests. Private bookings can be made at our studio in Kensington, or we can come straight to your party! Please get in touch if you are interested in booking us for a private event.

More detailed information about bookings and pricing can be found here.